What We Do

Brand New Media has a proud heritage in enabling brands to become media owners and content producers/curators. Content which not only builds trusted relationships and communities with target audiences, but more importanty drives commercial outcomes such as lead generation and nurturing through to sales conversions. We have pioneered this space in Asia – providing end-to-end content marketing services – by becoming a thought leader in the brave new world of media convergence and disruption. 

CampaignPLAY and ChannelPLAY

Content Marketing is the practice of influencing consumer behaviour through authentic, empowering and engaging content. This brings the customer into the brand space and along the path to purchase and transaction, which can be delivered through through a campaign activation complete with inbound sales and CRM delivery to drive sales.

More evolved content marketers may choose an always-on approach, which we call ChannelPLAY.

This is where the brand owns and operates a multimedia content hub with multi-screen and multi-touch point distribution. A native content hub like this one drives engagement and consideration through content and media – which the audience chooses to consume – rather than merely through advertising. Building trust, communities, leads and nurturing relationships through to sales conversions.

Our Strategy

This all begins with the development of the content marketing strategy.  Together with a brand and its agency partners, we investigate, interrogate, discover and learn the brand’s problems, audience needs and consumer interests.  This discovery process is supported with desktop learning and various consumer insights tools.

Once we have defined the strategy, we deep dive into the ideation process - developing creative solutions, which deliver on the strategy.

Once the content ideation is agreed on, we then develop the activation plan – be it for a CampaignPLAY campaign or for an always-on ChannelPLAY. And then we create – content for both online and offline activation – videos, articles, infographics, quizzes, competitions, experiential events and much more.  

Key to the strategy is how the content will not just build brand equity but also generate new customers and leads to be converted into sales. Our Inbound Sales and CRM service deivers commercial outcomes and strong ROI

Our Work

BNM has a highly experienced team of brand storytellers, producers and creatives. And we deliver high volumes of high quality content for a very cost-effective investment through our unique production methodology. We also curate content from various distributors to augment content created specifically for a brand. 

Key to the planning phase is the setting of ROI targets and agreeing the metrics in how these will be measured and reported. A vital element in optimising performance of content is the hosting platform. It must be engineered to enable optimal ROI. BNM has a created an award-winning white label content hub solution we call PlatformPLAY – the tech that powers our native content hub ChannelPLAY. This development includes creating a content masthead and a hub – in other words, a brand owned destination to curate content and a community.

Our Results

The most common question we get is  - so where does the audience come from? By creating engaging content which appeals to a target audience, it’s much easier to pull in and attract consumers compared to the traditional marketing model of pushing and forcing brand messages upon your customer.

At BNM, we employ a spoke and hub distribution model – pushing the content out from the brands hub to multiple screens and touch points whilst also pulling the audience into the hub to build a sustainable community of return users. We look at the consumer journey across the day for opportunities to deliver the content in the most relevant and appealing way.

A huge focus for BNM is data analytics and performance management, where great content marketing really comes into its own.  We create a single source dashboard to collect all required data relevant to the ROI measurement. We analyse the data in real time. And we optimise the performance to make your investment work harder. We do these through a continuous process of testing and learning to achieve the optimum mix across all elements of the activation. 

Our Partners

BNM has worked with many blue chip global companies as well as smaller local brands. We can deliver solutions for any product category and content vertical, using Asia Pacific capabilities and understanding the need to localise content to ensure traction. Our holistic development and delivery process ensures strong ROI success, along with a sound long-term investment strategy into building a content asset.

BNM's content marketing services can be delivered as a full end-to-end service – or as a part-service approach – depending on the needs and capabilities of our brand and agency partners. We work with the brand and its agencies using a collaborative approach to ensure a holistic delivery – augmenting and complimenting the brands and agencies capabilities. 

So if you’re new to content marketing or just looking to improve and power up your capabilities, BNM can help with our structured and proven approach.