TV4ME Multi-Channel Network

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TV4ME is a brand-ready content marketing publishing platform. BNM has produced and curated content which has proven popular with Singaporeans through our data driven approach to content marketing. The 4me channels offer the ideal environment for brands to publish their own content as well as to sponsor content already curated by BNM. Brands use this service when they are looking for a suitable platform for the content marketing. 

We can create a dedicated category for brands in any of these channels with a bundled content marketing package to include: 

  • Production of original content to meet the brand needs – a range of content options - videos, articles, infographics, quizzes
  • Creation of a new category on the 4me channel to host the brand's content – category name to fit with brand's needs and consumer interest
  • Addition of selected BNM-owned content to augment the brand produced content – brand to be sponsor of this content
  • Category page to be branded with logo and images to suit brand's needs
  • Display of brand digital adverts on the page – banners, video pre-rolls, etc
  • Activation of an audience amplification campaign to guarantee delivery of target views and engagement
  • Activation of response advertising to drive call to action ROI
  • Data reporting and optimisation to ensure performance delivery

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